Ghost on Ghost – Iron & Wine

For those new to this part of the musical world, Iron & Wine is the stage name of a man called Samuel Beam. He has been a professor, a painter, and occasionally he sits down to write down lovely songs in the warmth of his farmhouse. He also has a glorious beard. Continue reading


Old Sock – Eric Clapton


When you’ve been around for as long as Eric Clapton has, you tend to not care as much about releasing a commercially successful album as much as just putting new material out there. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping Clapton has done on Old Sock since his last release in 2010.

At the outset, this record has a very relaxed, play-for-a-Saturday-afternoon-laze-session vibe. Somewhere you’re wondering if you should take Eric Clapton seriously looking at how the album art has this bubblegum, childish feel to it.  What fun is music that takes itself too seriously? Continue reading