Girl Who Got Away – Dido

Dido has been having a good life. She has a child, a nice married life, and has had a very languid past few years. It could very well be the reason behind her fourth album’s name ‘Girl Who Got Away’

After the commercial flop that was ‘Safe trip Home’ (which dealt with theme of death), she almost instantly came up with the current album. But then she took off time to be with her family, and this took the backseat. Maybe, one fine day, she was sitting down on her sofa, heard one of her songs on the radio and thought “dude, those aren’t the only songs I’d like to be remembered by, you know. Here, have another album”. Continue reading


I’m Sorry (EP) – The Neighbourhood

Given how their name is spelled, it would appear that the band hails from England. They are, apparently, a five-piece band from California. Not much is yet known about The Neighbourhood, even after looking at the band’s Facebook page and the website. Everything from their site to their music videos appears monochromatic. Every inch is leeched colorless.  In fact, when the lead singer Jesse James Rutherford was asked by MTV about the same, he said” I call everything we do ‘black and white’. There is no grey area with what we’re doing.”  It is quite clear what they wish to put forth right now: the main focus is on their music.

The EP, “I’m Sorry”, has a total of five tracks, which involves a lovely mixture of Indie rock, R & B, Hip Hop and electronic. That sounds like a wild muddle of genres for an EP, but it doesn’t hurt their style at all. In fact, the variety is a very pleasant welcome for the ears. Continue reading