Ice on the Dune by Empire of the Sun

Australian electronic music duo, Empire of the Sun, burst into the new-wave scene with their debut album Walking on a Dream. With striking similarities (and yet unlike) to MGMT, the duo’s charm lies with their strange music videos, outlandish costumes, tripping-on-drugs lyrics and of course stellar music. Continue reading

Bankrupt! – Phoenix

From being a fairly unknown 4-piece French band to being one of the headlined acts at Coachella ’13, their last album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix did wonders for Phoenix’s popularity.  They won over people with songs like 1901 and Lisztomania in their signature guitar and synth pop amalgam. Their 5th album, Bankrupt!, comes at a time when the hype about them has still not yet died down and it has much to live up to. Continue reading