Periphery- Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal


Periphery released their sophomore album Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal in 2012. Periphery marked their arrival on the metal scene with vibrant and heavy music infused with technicality. Their self titled debut album made waves when it released, and for better or worse they have defined the “djent’’ sound.  PII showcases the band’s ability to create heavy palm muted riffs and combine them with a healthy dose of a poppy feel good atmosphere. Continue reading

Time I – Wintersun


Time I is the culmination of Jari Maenpaa’s travails. Wintersun released their self titled debut in 2004, and it is widely regarded as a benchmark of the folk/melodic death sub genre. Fans who followed Wintersun from the very start must have lost count of the times Time I has been pushed back. But eight years later, Jari and co. have finally come through. While the hype may have died down a bit in the course of the last eight years, this album was irrefutably one of the most anticipated albums of last years.

It is a 5 track album with 40 mins of run time. Let’s get one thing clear, it would be futile to compare the sound of “Wintersun” and “Time I”. While the former primarily constituted of riff driven songwriting, the latter is a heavily layered synth laden symphonic album. Jari uses clean vocals for most of the album, and his vocals have improved greatly from the first album. The best track on the album is “Sons Of Winter And Stars”, a 13 minute epic which propels you into a fantastic journey. The lyric writing is fantastical and cheesy, which is an inseparable attribute of the melo-death genre. At the end of 40 mins, I wished the album had never ended. Continue reading