Devil Worship by Solar Deity


Black Metal might just be the most overdone of all metal subgenres and if not executed with the intent to make it dangerous and vile, tends to become boring and simplistic. Solar Deity released three CDs in a single year, all of them being EPs. Each had a different style of black metal. In The Name of Satan had a really strong Burzum and Mayhem influence. Devil Worship is the fourth offering by Mumbai black metal suit Solar Deity (of which we were fortunate enough to be given a review copy.) The current lineup utilizes Aditya Mehta on vocals and guitar and Animesh Das on bass. Continue reading

Paradise Valley by John Mayer


Release date: 20th August, 2013

John Mayer took an indefinite break from his singing career circa-2011 after being diagnosed with throat granuloma. “Born and Raised” was released in 2012 and went on to be his least popular album although it never cast a shadow of doubt on the potential still left in the young artist. Continue reading

Everblack by The Black Dahlia Murder


Everblack is the sixth full-length album by American metallers The Black Dahlia Murder. I’ve never before heard entire albums by the The Black Dahlia Murder and hence, I’m not comparing Everblack to their previous work. This album by itself is hard to categorize by genre because it contains elements of many metal subgenres. To take a stab at it, I’d say it’s melodic death metal. Inspite of a few lineup changes, Trevor Strnad stays on vocals, Bryan Eschbach and Ryan Knight on guitars, Max Levelle on bass and Alan Cassidy on drums. Continue reading