Neal Morse featuring Mike Portnoy: after the gig

Decided to make another post to highlight what happened after the gig because the original post ended up becoming way too long.

(for the gig review, click here).

After the gig was over and the band left the stage post the second ‘surprise’ encore, my friends and I decided to wait in aisles to the right of the amphitheater, hoping to catch a glimpse of Portnoy or Neal Morse and get whatever we had on us signed. There were many people with us too, all waiting to do the same thing.

Somehow, my friend managed to get past the barricade and stand with a lot of other fans, pretty close to the doors where the band was at. A volunteer gets in and tells all of them to step back unless they have the Mood-Indigo volunteer badge. My friend and everyone with him comply. One woman among them, however, still stood back despite not having any ID on her. A guy from the crowd asked her right away, to which the volunteer replies “She’s with me”.

Friend: “but isnt that unfair?”

Volunteer: “so what are you going to do about it?”

Friend (turning to the rest of the crowd): “so you heard him.”

My friend backs off and joins my group, while the rest of the crowd starts complaining about what was clearly favouritism on the volunteer’s part. The volunteer somehow wasnt done though, when he suddenly finds my friend and tries to shove him for something my friend said privately to my group.

Volunteer: “what did you say? You better shut up before I break your fucking teeth, this is my fest and I can do whatever I want”

He proceeds to push my friend’s shoulder, in an attempt to start a fight (I’m assuming). At this point, my group has had enough. We tell the volunteer to “back the fuck off”, but the volunteer wanted none of that and proceeds to try and pick a fight.

By now, enough heads have turned, the onus of attention is on us and a bunch of other volunteers get in and restrain this guy before anything unruly happened. While taking him away, two of them said to us, “we’re really sorry, he’s slightly drunk, we apologize.”

I’m being as concise as I can about this without naming names, suffice to say it really soured my day considering the brilliant set Mike Portnoy and Neil Morse had put up just a few minutes before this happened. Always thought Mood Indigo was run by people who thought no end of themselves. The above post ends up confirming the fact. Not really hating on everyone here, because it was clearly just one volunteer who caused this ruckus. Having said that, it could’ve been completely avoided as well. Had the other volunteers not shown up at that exact moment, it could’ve gotten very ugly in a matter of minutes.


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