The Weight of Your Love – Editors

It’s all been done before. There, you were saved from reading the whole text. Still want an explanation? Then read on.

Editors come back with their latest album ‘The Weight of Your Love’.  The British band, consisting of Tom Smith (lead vocals, guitar, piano),  Russell Leetch (bass guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals), Ed Lay (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Justin Lockey (Lead guitar), and Elliott Williams (Keys, synthesizers, guitars, and backing vocals), attempts to woo( does anyone still use woo?) the alternative rock audience .

The last couple of months haven’t been easy on the band. Their guitarist Chris Urbanowicz has left Editors after working together for 10 years. The departure wasn’t an easy one, and the band themselves came close to calling it quits, but they held on.  Smith turned sentimental and said in a recent interview,” You admire those bands that have longevity and careers that twist and turn but ideally the line up stays the same – and those four friends from university would end up in their 40s making record and still be friends. But life doesn’t always work out like that.”

How much the fans will miss Chris’ signature style is yet to be seen.

It all starts off with “The Weight’. A typical Editors song; this is something for the old fans to rejoice about.

‘A Ton of Love’, the album’s first single released is a typical indie rock/pop song with a clinching bass riff. Lyrics like “I don’t trust the Government, I don’t trust myself” might bring them up on the NSA scanner, but will fail to do anything else. There’s a distinct U2 feel to this song, which is maybe why this track did decent enough on the charts.

The rest of the songs are a mixture of okay to oh-dear-God-why.

‘Honesty’ is so cheesy that if One Tree Hill still ran, this song would’ve surely made an appearance on that show. The lyrics and their delivery throughout the album are very Arcade Fire-ish, who seem to have inspired Smith in the first place. The saving grace here is ‘The Phone book’, where the singer croons to the sounds of some gentle guitar work and drums.

One tries to settle in on a mood while listening to this album, at best trying to morph one somber tune into next, but this is like a breakup mixtape that’s all over the place. They’ve tried their hand at everything they could. Perhaps to appeal to every which fan base, and see which one brings out the best response. Devoid of their signature sound, they don’t look like they’re happily experimenting. Rather, ‘The Weight of Your Love’ looks more like a badly calculated play of Minesweeper.

Standout tracks: A Ton of Love, The Phone Book, Hyena.

Rating- 2/5

PS. Hey NSA,if you’re reading,this one’s for you.


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