Everblack by The Black Dahlia Murder


Everblack is the sixth full-length album by American metallers The Black Dahlia Murder. I’ve never before heard entire albums by the The Black Dahlia Murder and hence, I’m not comparing Everblack to their previous work. This album by itself is hard to categorize by genre because it contains elements of many metal subgenres. To take a stab at it, I’d say it’s melodic death metal. Inspite of a few lineup changes, Trevor Strnad stays on vocals, Bryan Eschbach and Ryan Knight on guitars, Max Levelle on bass and Alan Cassidy on drums.

Everblack starts off with In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me. The lead riff is evil and vocals start with a long shriek. The vocal style is not for everyone, this album contains absolutely no clean vocals. Strnad’s voice is powerful and confident and he sings the chorus with perfect rhythm.

Ryan Knight’s solos are melodic and intricate. Blast beats and melodic licks are used extensively. Goat of Departure has an excellent riff which is paced so as to alternatively focus on the effect of guitar and drums. I also quite liked the verse riff in Into The Everblack which has a start-stop pattern letting the drums and vocals breathe. The solo is more melodic than shred which is impressive and complements the song as it takes on a darker tone.

Strnad switches from his usual shrieking vocals to death growls on Phantom Limb Masturbation which is undoubtedly the heaviest song on the album. Ryan Knight can do more than shred and the solo carries immense feeling. However, this track seems stretched and could’ve ended some 50 seconds sooner had the fade out been trimmed, but maybe that’s just me. Blood Mine starts off with a riff perfect for headbanging but ends a little too soon. Strnad’s vocals seem exhausted at this stage and the punch starts to wear off. Map of Scars contains overwhelming melodic elements and is the perfect track to end the album.

In its entirety, the blast beats seem a tad bit overused and some songs are underwhelming but the album has its winning elements like Ryan Knight’s solos.

Overall, this is a solid album. The next time there’s a TBDM album, I’ll be tempted to pick it up so maybe it has worked well towards creating new fans too.

Rating: 3.5/5


3 thoughts on “Everblack by The Black Dahlia Murder

  1. I’ve never listened to a full album by The Black Dahlia Murder either although they used to come into a record store I worked at and they were all nice, friendly guys. Anyway, I mostly am into either older melodic death metal or some of the Finnish variations of it but I think it’s about time I give these fellows a genuine listen since it sounds like it’s pretty solid material. Thanks for the review!

    • bhavicka says:

      There was a lot of talk about TBDM recently and I gave in to my curiosity for this album. You should give it a listen, might just surprise you.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      • No problem! I was impressed with it, it’s definitely a full-on metal record with no silly “-core” elements which was a pleasant surprise. Although far from the likes of early In Flames, Dissection or Dark Tranquillity, it still has to be the best melodic death metal I’ve heard from the States in a while.

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