Siddharth Basrur – Chasing Rain


Siddharth Basrur, famous for being the frontman for progressive metal band Goddess Gagged, has been singing film songs in Bejoy Nambiar’s David and Haunted. He has risen up through the Indian music scene from his days with Mumbai based alt-rock band Kinki Sky Munky.

Chasing Rain has been due for a while, considering the fact that Basrur has been performing these songs for over a year now. The release has been split into 3 parts/chapters for better listening (when it’s subtly clear this has been done for better marketing). Chasing Rain features Basrur along with his scene friends Jishnu Guha on Guitars, Adil Kurwa on Bass and Zain Calcuttawala on Drums.

Chasing Rain Chapter 1 starts with the simple ‘In Between’ which immediately gets you into the groove and you can’t help but start nodding your head to the simple tunes. This song also features fellow Goddess Gagged guitarist Devesh Dayal.

‘Rain’, definitely shows us Basrur enjoys Bombay Rains so much that he would even make up a song for it. This song is very catchy and upbeat. It’s also featured on 2012’s Stupidities 666 Collection.

‘Stay’ is one of the best tracks on Chasing Rain : Chapter 1. Basrur has perfectly managed to capture the simplicity and innocence in pleading with his girl. He also put out a music video for ‘Stay’ which he claims to have been produced with absolutely no money. The video features his Goddess Gagged band mates Arman Menzies and Krishna Jhaveri, his producer Ayan Dé and the beautiful Paloma Monappa.

‘Lifting The Veil’ was the only track on the album that failed to impress on the first listen. Clocking at just over two minutes, this track will eventually grow on you with its nifty bass lines.

The last track on Chasing Rain : Chapter 1 is ‘Battleships’ which features vocals from blues and funk singer Naina Kundu. This track has metaphors scattered all over the place with the joyous, jazz-inspired duet taking you along.

The artwork by Sukrit Nagaraj is simple and straightforward like the entire album. The best thing about Basrur is his penchant for writing beautiful lyrics and simple rock tunes made easy for everyday listening. The idea of Basrur in releasing this album in three parts might have been because it could have gotten monotonous after a certain while.

All in all, I loved Chasing Rain: Chapter 1. It is one of those albums that will sound groovy right from the start and keep you hooked on till you fall in love with it. I personally, can’t wait for the next two instalments to release.

Rating: 4/5

Chasing Rain Chapter 1; Siddharth Basrur, Available on



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