I’m Sorry (EP) – The Neighbourhood

Given how their name is spelled, it would appear that the band hails from England. They are, apparently, a five-piece band from California. Not much is yet known about The Neighbourhood, even after looking at the band’s Facebook page and the website. Everything from their site to their music videos appears monochromatic. Every inch is leeched colorless.  In fact, when the lead singer Jesse James Rutherford was asked by MTV about the same, he said” I call everything we do ‘black and white’. There is no grey area with what we’re doing.”  It is quite clear what they wish to put forth right now: the main focus is on their music.

The EP, “I’m Sorry”, has a total of five tracks, which involves a lovely mixture of Indie rock, R & B, Hip Hop and electronic. That sounds like a wild muddle of genres for an EP, but it doesn’t hurt their style at all. In fact, the variety is a very pleasant welcome for the ears.

The songs all have lyrics that showcase the singer’s talent in Hip Hop (he was previously in a band called The Good Boys). ‘Female Robbery’ is a clear winner of a track here; infused with a distorted shout that keeps running in the background of the song along with the lead singer’s husky voice. This results in an indie rock sounding, haunting track that deals with some obviously murky matter. The method is very “Blue Jeans’ of them, and it doesn’t hurt they’ve often been compared to Lana Del Rey. If she is a “self-styled gangsta Sinatra”, then these people are the alternative rock counterparts.

Jesse’s Hip Hop connection becomes further apparent in the commentary styled wordings of ‘Wires’. With a mellow beat and a quaint guitar riff, this is without doubt the type of song that’ll enter the brain and refuse to just wash away. And no one will complain about such an earworm either. ‘Baby Came Home’ comes packed with a beautiful bass line that will give your speakers a workout.

Bottom line, “I’m Sorry” contains only five songs, and that’s the only thing to feel sorry about. This is the type of EP that’ll make one yearn for more.  Each and every song is well made, with sounds and lyrics that make them edgy and intriguing. Overall, it is an excellent debut for The Neighbourhoood. This is a band that people should know more about.

Standout tracks: ‘Female Robbery’, ‘Sweater Weather’.

Female Robbery

Rating – 4/5


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