Miracle Mile – Starfucker

In the age of hipsters and hipsters hating pseudo-hipsters and mainstream dissolving into hipsters and all the other possible concoctions one can come up with, Starfucker comes up with some music that basically screams, “this music…this music can be used for iPod commercials”. Fair enough.

Starfucker (sometimes STRFKR) is a band that-according to their front man -specializes in ‘danceable indie pop’, a heads up to anyone who’s new to their music. Theirs is the kind of sound that lies somewhere between Passion Pit and MGMT.  Consisting of Joshua Hodges (vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums), Shawn Glassford (bass, keyboards, drums), Keil Corcoran (drums, keyboards, vocals) and Patrick Morris (guitar keyboard, vocals), this band from Portland, Oregon has the ability to churn out music according to the present scene.

Miracle Mile is their third album, and sounds a smidgen like funky, groovy chill music, though the type that is too chill to even try and get up.  It contains some great hooks, some deep lyrics, and is overall an okay-ish successor to their last album, Reptilians.

The album’s first track ‘While I’m alive’ will do nothing to the ones who get lost in the music of it all, and look up the lyrics later or maybe not even then. It is basically fit for clubs and parks where people dance away and forget about what the song actually tries to convey. This, in short, sums up Miracle Mile: a decent album, but “been there, heard that a lot”, which is a shame really, given how varied the earlier albums had been.

The saving grace of this long mile of an album comes with tracks like ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Leave It All Behind’.  Fitted with catchy beats and easy tunes, they’ll remind one of a lazy summer day, with Empire of the Sun blaring from their headphones. ‘Leave It All Behind’ has a hazy 80s vibe to it, ‘Kahlil Gibran’ is forgetful, and ’Malmo’ has a bass line that is typical Starfucker stuff. There isn’t anything new that the band can provide their listeners with. This album is like a love song that is rampant, but changes the lyrics with synonyms found on Word processor. Regardless, it will still sell. A lot.

By no means alluring; Miracle Mile will surely entice the regular fans of this band. The new public may, however, listen to these while pretending to work in front of their screens; listen, like, and then move on to the next song, the “Miracle” already forgotten.

Standout tracks: Last Words, Leave It All Behind, Atlantis, Golden Light.

Leave It All Behind

Rating – 3/5


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