Goddess Gagged – Resurfaces


Goddess Gagged started out as a three-piece metal outfit consisting of Arman Menzies (Guitars/Vocals), Krishna Jhaveri(Bass) and Jeremy D’Souza(Drums). Although the band was promising, the addition of Devesh Dayal(Guitars) and Siddharth Basrur (Vocals) has not only made them consistent but also trumped up their potential to be one of the biggest bands from India.

Their influences include Protest the Hero (Goddess Gagged is a Protest The Hero track), Karnivool, Tool, Periphery, Circles. The band is classified as progressive metal with heavy post-hardcore inclinations.

After releasing two impressive singles over the course of a year,  the band finally released Resurfaces, their debut album at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2011. The seven-track album is only 40 minutes long but it really packs a punch in this short amount of time.

The opening track of the album “Modern Machines” features Sunneith Revankar from Bhayanak Maut on vocals along with Basrur. The track has bone crushing riffs paired along with the contrast between Basrur’s cleans and Sunneith’s guttural vocals. You can’t help but head bang to this song as it goes along.

“Rosemary’s Baby” has always been the crowd favourite whenever Goddess Gagged have performed and it completely reflects the chemistry between the band. (Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies/ when you arrived, with your clever disguise/The flame burns out away leaving me, naked/And all that is sacred is washed away) shows how the band’s songwriting has matured with time.

The third track on the album “Dreamer” has been completely revamped from the demo that they had released before. Although, the new version sounds a whole lot better.

This is the point where the album starts to sound a little monotonous. The fourth track “Inspire” features some good riffs, brilliant lyrics but the experimentation that they’ve tried on this track lacked a punch that is present on the rest of the album.

Visionary – The song that starts out as a love song and later turns into a powerful metal ballad with unexpected time signature changes and even impressive work from the rhythm section. It features Sunneith Revankar again on vocal duties and the track completely justifies their post hardcore leanings. This is the strongest track on the entire album.

Sink or Swim – The band put out a not-so-impressive video for this song, but definitely a song that sounds better on the album than it does, live.

Preliminary Stages of The Master Plan – The only song on the album to feature a guitar solo, this song demonstrates the band’s influences and abilities that they’ve managed to incorporate into their music. The song ends with a really catchy chorus and is a definite crowd pleaser.

Thumbs up to Zorran Mendonsa for his amazing production on this album. It really feels like he has, without a doubt, managed to capture the sound of the band perfectly. And as for this album, you just can’t get enough out of it with just one listen.

You can stream the album here. 

Rating – 3/5



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