We’re back!

Alright, not completely. But hear me out.

Nearly 8 months since an update here. And not for lack of reason, although it might just sound like an excuse at this point.

A lot has happened since I put up the top 10 list for 2013. The blog was started as a way for me to keep track of all the music I listen to, when I took it upon myself to check out at least 5 new albums a week. Since then, my taste in music has taken a form of its own. New genres were explored, plethora of discographies were downloaded. At the moment, chiptune is easily the best thing I’ve ever heard so far. This coming from a guy who was averse to electronic music a few years ago.

Its become a lot harder as a result to document all the music I’m listening to, and make a narrative around that which makes for good reading. Lets face it, plain ol’ reviews dont cut it anymore. An album is either great on first listen, or you’d absolutely hate it. Few people have figured out the art of letting something grow on you.

A change is needed, and I’m yet to figure out what. And its not something that I can fix with a new theme (albeit I absolutely love this one).

Rest assured, the blog is still alive. Only going through a phase that’s characteristic of most youths who go through an early life crisis when they hit 25, though definitely not as dramatic.

Let me know. What is it that you’d like to see on here? Lists? Clickbait articles? More Indian bands? More Sceptre bashing?

I’m all ears. I’m definitely retiring the album review format at this point, and posts here from now on would be a bit more argumentative. Here’s to (hopefully) better material in the future.


Top 10 albums of 2013!

That time of the year has long passed, where people who actively follow music get in on the action and comment on their picks of the year. This list has been long due in that respect. Having said that, I heard a couple of great albums in December which left me with a bit of a conundrum.

Regardless, here’s my top 10 albums of the year. With some surprises thrown in. Continue reading

Neal Morse band featuring Mike Portnoy [gig review]

IIT-Bombay’s Mood Indigo had their work cut out for them after declaring Simple Plan as the headline act for last year, disappointing many (including this) fans of the progressive genre. So when they did announce in September that Mike Portnoy would be playing here in India with Neal Morse, needless to say I couldnt believe what I read. 20th December was marked in bold across my calendar. All is forgiven for last year. The fest brought Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, Karnivool and now is now featuring arguably the biggest name in progressive music since Pink Floyd (am I pushing it here? Oh screw you, I get to). Continue reading

Now What?! – Deep Purple

Seven years. It has been a long time coming for Deep Purple fans, and to be honest, it doesn’t really disappoint. Their last studio album, Rapture of the Deep was released in 2005 and was a considerable success. One of their founder members and icons, Jon Lord, passed away as they were in studio recording this one. Emotion, therefore, was a big big drive behind many of the tracks. Continue reading

Kaleidoscope EP – The F16s

This young band from Chennai called The F16s, formed in 2012, have grown in a relatively short period to make pretty diverse music while still subtly holding on to the styles of modern indie rock from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Black Keys (as they claim). Their debut Kaleidoscope EP (Aug 2013), which is a little less than half an hour, spans over seven tracks that highlight both the band’s brutal rhythm sections as well as its mellow guitar riffs and harmonies, and gives great promises for their future work.kaleidoscope Continue reading

Dream Theater – Dream Theater


“Meta title is meta”

It is finally here. The magnum opus. The 12th Dream Theater album, which is expected to define everything the band, that has been around for more than two decades, stands for. People who know/follow me on Twitter (shameless pimp) know the level of fanboyism towards this band. The triumphs, the shameless retweets. Heck, nearly all the covers on my Soundcloud page feature this band’s work. And not for lack of reason. Though I cant help but think I may have overhyped it for my own good. Why do I say so? Read on. Continue reading

Devil Worship by Solar Deity


Black Metal might just be the most overdone of all metal subgenres and if not executed with the intent to make it dangerous and vile, tends to become boring and simplistic. Solar Deity released three CDs in a single year, all of them being EPs. Each had a different style of black metal. In The Name of Satan had a really strong Burzum and Mayhem influence. Devil Worship is the fourth offering by Mumbai black metal suit Solar Deity (of which we were fortunate enough to be given a review copy.) The current lineup utilizes Aditya Mehta on vocals and guitar and Animesh Das on bass. Continue reading